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Save the city from the mad cow balls and destroy the bricks. Gain skillpoints from high score and completing levels. Use the skillpoints to upgrade your balls, weapons and gain access to the 60+ power ups.

  • 60+ power ups.
  • 40+ upgrades.
  • 8 different kind of balls.
  • 1 level (12 different playfields, 555 grid, 145 different bricks, the level is created when the game starts. Click when you like it).
  • 8 Difficulty levels.
  • Multi bonuses
  • Widescreen and Shaders.
System requirementsRecomended
Windows XP SP2.Windows 7
2ghz Intel Core Duo.3ghz intel Core i5.
1gigabyte of ram.2gigabyte of ram.
Directx 9.0c compatible graphics cardGforce 550 or never.
200Mbyte free disk space300Mbyte free disk space

Update: The game is released on Steam


MadCowBalls2-Demo.exe 117 MB
MadCowBalls2-Soundtrack.zip 53 MB

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