The MadCowBalls2 open beta will start soon. Join the Discord channel  to  participate. The beta will remain free  patterns for the  level generator or complete levels created by fans may get added to the full game.

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Im working on the bugs including one that can lock up the weapons.

To do list:
* High Score (local offline and online)
* Simplify the uppgrades for new players (maybe dont show all 10 skilltrees from the start?)
* Explain the game somewhere. Readme file? (Users who want to know everything)
* Lower the sound by default (even more)
* Esc should pause the game and open a menu. (Use the half pause mode).
* Save file (its half done, need to build the anti cheat).
* The player should get a gun from start or early game
* The green ball (Follow me) is hard to grasp. Make it easier to understand whats happening (Visuals? Lower the cooldown?
* Its hard to play when the half pause is active. Try slowing down SpaceWipe instead of being stuck, maybe also add visual counter?

I have made some improvements after some great feedback. I have tried to make it easier for a new player.


* The game test how fast your computer is tha first time you start up the game and sets the graphics accordingly.

* 6 out of 8 difficulty levels are locked from start and the first ones will send you directly to the level.

* The levels generated are now restricted when you start up the game and get bigger as you complete more levels.

* The menu is a bit more user friendly.

The SpaceWipe achievements is now working correctly.  I have solved a few visual bugs. Feel free to try it out and any feedback is good feedback.

There seem to be a problem with the save files. Update on its way and sorry if you didnt get past the upgrade menu.

The Open Beta has started. Download the game from Itch and try it out.